What Are Some Healthy Alternatives for Sweets During the Holidays?

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Well, during the holidays, I always have my favorite chocolate treat on hand and that would be a vitalicious spider top. Those are chocolaty muffin tops that are high in fiber, they're all natural, they have 100 calories, they stay in the freezer for months, they're a great thing to have on hand.

But here's another tip, I always keep mini candy cans around, in my desk, in my purse wherever I am, why? Well, they're sweet, so they satisfy our sweet craving and then the mintiness will stop your craving. So when you've some peppermint, you won't be craving all the fattening foods and those minty candies can have about 11 calories or so.

And what are my favorite sweet treat? Okay, whatever everyone else is picking out on a big slice of apple pie, here's what you do. Chop up an apple, I like fujis best, then throw that in a microwave safe mode with a hand full around 12 or so red hots. That's right those little cinnamon candy's, then microwave that for about three minutes, stirring until those those candy's are melted, add a little cinnamon, top it with some reduced fat gram cracker crumbs and some low fat whip topping and you have an apple pie in a mug for about 140 calories.

You will thank me later.