Can Turmeric Help Relieve Joint Pain?

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Turmeric is actually a great option for joint pain and not just joint pain but muscle aches and pain things like that, primarily because it has great anti-inflammatory benefits. It also has the anti cancer benefits, its so great that actually some pharmaceutical companies are trying to make some drug out of it so it's phenomenal and I would actually say most patients of mine are on it.

Primarily because its got such great health benefit profile to it and so what we're really looking for again when you're treating pain is do not just get rid of the pain but to improve your other health perimeters as well. Turmeric usually what you want to do is use about 1000-1500 milligrams if you're trying to treat joint pains, but if you want to use it for as a stomach health issue, you want to take it with black pepper or bioperrin, because it increases absorption, but for people where they have inflammatory bowel disease or colitis, or if you have irritable bowel symptoms, turmeric can help with that, but you want to take it without the black pepper, because without the black pepper, it stays in your intestinal tract and helps those gut diseases a little better.