What Is True Hunger?

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True hunger directs us to eat the right amount of calories. When we start digesting food after a meal, the body goes into a detox /gpara mode and were eating leaving off the calories that are stored and therefore glycogen and that the fat on the body. We're burning up what the body stored.

When those glycogen stores are exhausted, like you have to fill your car with gas tank again, the body gives you a clear signal to eat, and that signal to eat directs you to exact amount of calories you need to eat each day to maintain your perfect weight. True hunger doesn't direct you to gain weight, put fat in your body, it only directs you to eat the amount of food you require to maintain your perfect weight for the rest of your life.

That means when you eat a diet that's healthy enough, your body automatically gives you the precise signals to eat the foods, the amount of food you need. The amount of food you desire becomes the amount of food your body requires to maintain your perfect weight. You never have to diet, never have to worry being too heavy or too thin, you have the perfect weight because you're healthy enough for making good food choices.

So now you can really have the ability to use true hunger as you guide, that's the whole key to forget dieting. Just use hunger as your guide.