How Dangerous Is the Indiscriminate Use of Antibiotics?

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Now this is a serious problem because antibiotics are, which are very toxic drugs. We now know that bacterial infections can kill us that can cause, we know that we have skin infections that can eat away at your body, we have pneumonias and we have meningitis that can cause sepsis through the blood stream.

These are serious life threatening infections, that in the future can get seriously worse and worse the doctors won't be able to help us with. So we have so we have to stop that right now and the best way we can do to stop it is by us having supportive, by us eating healthy. Eating making sure we have no nutritional deficiencies, eating super foods, that arm our body with the ability to fight off infection.

Because the more infections you have, and the more your immune system is suppressed, the more potentially you have to catch an infection and even a serious infection. The other thing that's important to remember is that antibiotic use just doesn't cause resist future infections that are more resistant, they are also linked to higher rates of asthma, in the future, higher rates of allergies and they can cause cancer.

Use of antibiotics increases the risk of breast cancer, higher use of antibiotic increases lymphoma, and we give antibiotic to animals to help them gain weight, but when humans take us, they make us become overweight too. So antibiotics are serious drugs that have long term dangerous effects.

Every time you go to a doctor with an idea that you're thinking you need an antibiotic, you have to ask your doctor, is it absolutely necessary that I take this antibiotic? Is there any way I can get well without an antibiotic? We have to all be thinking and doctors are thinking this and you should be too is, how we can decrease the risk of antibiotics and decrease their uses as much as possible.