How Can I Prevent an Antibiotic-Resistant Infection?

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The question is how you can prevent an antibiotic-resistance infection, is so much to the question how can you prevent getting infected in general? And of course we're talking about proper foods handling, making sure that we're especially when handling animal products in their raw form, that we act like we're in an ore or an operating room.

We're being so careful with everything that they touch is we're not spreading those bacteria anywhere. And of course we keep our hands clean when we're around sick people and we keep our immune system strong by eating a diet of excellent nutrition, and I give people that acronym G bombs.

G B-O-M-B-S. So they memorize those foods, and they know the foods that are in the immune system. G, green vegetables that have antimicrobial effects and help support the immune system developing in the gut. Beans, that encourages the growth of good bacteria and keep the bad unhealthy bacteria from polifering your body.

Onions, mushrooms all those things affect lung function, the amount protect, and will cause a low layer of the good mucus that protects infections from penetrating into the body, there are always an antiviral effects.Seeds have antiviral and anticancer effects in other words, the natural killer T-cells, our own body's immune defenses are not just dependent on having adequate vitamin D, and zinc, and B12, and vitamin C things you can take, you can ensure you're getting form the proper supplementation.

It's really only going to have super immunity, if you eat those healthy foods that nature deigned, that give us optimized immune function. So hoping you have great health and protect yourself from cancer by eating right, and protect yourself from infections from eating right, and minimize the use of drugs in your life.