How Is High Cholesterol Treated?

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High cholesterol can be treated in many ways. First of all there are medications that are approved to treat high cholesterol, but remember that equally as important is how we live our lives, and the diet that we eat. So a low cholesterol diet and making sure that you're getting good exercise and making sure also that you're maintaining a healthy weight are equally as important as the medication options that do exist for treating high cholesterol.

We have lots of medications that are on the market today that help treat high cholesterol, and many of them work in different ways. Some of these medications work through the liver and that's how they lower cholesterol. Some of these medications actually work through the stomach or the gut and there are other many types of medications as well. I think it's really important to keep in mind with high cholesterol, just like many other conditions, high cholesterol is one of these conditions that often is dependent on a lot of factors.

In other words it doesn't just matter what you do, meaning the diet that you eat and the weight that you keep and how much you exercise, but family history does play a role as well, so if you have a high or a high family history of people with high cholesterol, you might be likely to have this as well.

So just keep this in mind as you're planning your overall treatment with your physician.