What Is the Difference Between Osphena and Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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So people will already be confused, is Osphena HRT or hormone replacement therapy and the answer is no. Osphena would not be given to a woman who is experiencing hot flashes to replace her oestrogen systematically or throughout her body and in reality Osphena can actually cause hot flashes in over 7% of women. So it's not exactly HRT but it works like oestrogen in certain parts of the body.

So again it's a conversation that women will need to have with their healthcare provider, because this type of drug is absolutely not for every woman. Well for over 10 years women and their gynecologists have been very weary of HRT or hormone replacement therapy, because of the conclusively shown increase risk of breast cancer death amongst women taking combination oestrogen and progesterone therapy when they're peri or postmenopausal.

That does not mean that HRT cannot be given safely and effectively to post menopausal woman, I do it all the time in my practice, but it's done after stratifying the individual risk for certain side effects with that particular woman, so in a woman who's at very high risk for clotting events, heart disease, stroke or breast cancer combination HRT would probably not be worth the benefits because of the high risks. But in a younger woman who's at lower risk for breast cancer, heart disease, clotting events, a short dose for a limited period of time of combination HRT maybe something that would have a relatively low risk and a high benefits, so this is a conversation that is not a five minute combo, this is a long involved discussion that a woman needs to have with her health care provider and determine what is best for her, its not a one sized fit for all approach.