Introducing AskMD, a New iPhone App from Sharecare

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Being informed and being prepared are both critical steps in being a smart patient and our friends at Sharecare have created AskMD an app for your iPhone that makes doing this easier than ever before. At a basic level, AskMD helps you learn more about what may be causing your symptoms and what you can do to get better.

There are thousands of medical journals article. Get guidance you can trust, and get organized before you see your doctor. For starters it remembers the basics about you like a quick snap shot of your health which you always have with you on your phone. Let's say you care for your mother and she has been having dizzy spells back the most common reason why by answering smart questions that consider her health history, her medication and her current situation.

It can then guide you towards the best next step going to thee ER. If you don't have a doctor or need to find a specialist it lets you fill up the closest providers. It can give you a map from where you are to where they are and insurance fixer, all the information you need is on your phone when you walk through the doors of your doctor's office.

The original symptoms plus all the questions you've answered if not I don't list that what you might have is everything you've only told the app, it couldn't be any easier to share it with your doctor or if using AskMD on the web, you can just print it out and take it to your appointment, easy, smart and simple and it's just as easy to get.

AskMD for iPhone is available exclusively on the apps store right here on Sharecare. I'm Dr. Oz, and the way for you to get what might be wrong towhat you can do about it and be a smart patient.