Why Is It Helpful to Read and Understand Food Nutrition Labels?

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Okay, when you're going grocery shopping and you're going through the ale you have work at the nutrition facts panel. I'll tell you why, that's going to give you all the information that you need, for example if you look on the bag and products that has 50 calories per serving, you then have to look at also these servings size, so that's going to tell you whether it is eaten when serving and the bottle of juice or wherever it is energy drink might have 16 ounces so then you know if you drink a whole thing you're going to get twice the calories and also these days a lot of companies are touting that their product is transfat free, which is great but when companies take out the transfat they often times to put back in more saturated fat than the product originally had, same thing with the sodium and sugars when you make something lighter then it doesn't taste as good and so then sometimes the companies have to make it salty or sweeter so understand the nutrition facts panel and what it means and also how those items sort of fit into your daily caloric intake and also weekly.