How Long Can I Safely Keep Food in the Refrigerator?

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If you have purchased milk and it has a sell by date, you can keep that milk for up to three days after the sell by date. Eggs are really interesting because you buy them, and they do have a best by or sell by date you can actually keep eggs for three to five weeks after you purchased them as long as you've kept them refrigerated the entire time.

For something like a block of hard cheese you can keep that for up to three weeks as long as you re-wrap it and seal it and for butter you can actually keep butter in the refrigerator for a month after the sell by date. When you're dealing with fresh foods, fresh produce, fruits, vegetables things like that.

You really want to make sure that your fridge is set at the right temperature and this is actually true for anything that's in your refrigerator, you want it to be between 35 to 40 degrees, no more than 40 degrees, how do you know? You put a refrigerator thermometer in your fridge, and that's going to let you know, and so and do use those beans.

Those beans are there for a reason they actually have more humidity in the fruit and vegetable drawer. So certain things can last for a long time and things like hard winter squashes you can keep on your counter for three, four months, but then things like fresh arugula you want to keep in the refrigerator, and make sure that it's not in the back of the fridge because that's when ice crystals will form, and it will freeze and it will be no good.