Dr. Emile Bacha - How are pediatric congenital heart defects treated?

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So pediatric congenital heart defects are typically treated with surgery, now again there are some defects that can be treated with medication, some don't really need treatment at all. Those are sort of the minor, heart effects, small holes that we can observe that overtime can close on their own.

The majority of congenital heart defect eventually require some sort of surgical repair because again when a heart has developed with a hole inside the heart, there is no pill in the world that's going of close that hole, it has to be sort of a mechanical solution to close a hole.

Or if a valve is malfunctioning, you have to repair the valve or replace the valve and so forth and so on. So most, again most congenital heart defects are treated with some kind of a surgical repair the good news is that the results have been immensely improved over the last 10 to 15 and currently you are looking for sort of old cameras, a complication rate of less that 1% for most surgeries, so at 99% plus chance of going through the surgeries without problems which is very, very nice.