What Happens During a Skin Cancer Screening?

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A skin cancer screening is really looking at all of your skin. So it's little intimidating because we really want to see every little in inch and every little nook and cranny of your skin surface to be sure that you don't have any little melanomas. Melanomas and skin cancers can hide in the quietest places like inside your belly button, under your feet between your toes, behind your ear, places that aren't easy for you to see yourself. So in a skin cancer screening we're going to give you a gown and ask you to let us look at you from head to toe. For women if you're more comfortable your gynaecologist can do a skin cancer exam in the vagina area and for men if you prefer your urologist to look in that area that's fine too, but you can really look at your own skin, don't be bashful.

Use your mirror once a month, often people choose their date of birthday. So if your birthday is September 8th you can always wake up on October 8th, November 8th, December 8th and look at your skin as soon as you step out of the shower. Head to toe, it takes about two minutes. What you're doing is scanning your skin from head to toe.

You're just looking at, oh yeah, I have this little spot here, I have this little spot here. Your brain actually has an amazing amount of organization, and it's going to kind of map out your body for you. You don't have to just analyze everything too much. Just know what you have. And when one thing is changing or evolving it's going to set off a little radar for you, and you're going to stop and say, hmm, I think that's changed.

Let me show my dermatologist.
So many of you are lucky enough to already have a dermatologist and that's great. Many of you have never been to a dermatologist and may not even know what a dermatologist is, and it's really just a skin doctor. You can go onto different websites and find your local doctors and also in May there are free skin cancer screenings all over the country and even all over the world, and you can find those on AAD.org or other skin foundations, where you can get a local doctor to do a free skin check for you. So do your own self skin checks once a month on your birthday, check out your whole birthday suit suit don't be shy, and number two take advantage of this free skin cancer screenings every May.