What Are the FDA Rules On Sunscreen Claims?

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The FDA rules have actually been in creation for 10 years, and the reason is, is because sunscreen ingredients have gotten better and better and better, and more sunscreen are on the market now making these amazing claims. The FDA knows we can't prove every one of these claims and we know that your skin is your largest organ of your body, we really want to make it safe.

We've got take sunscreen very seriously, so the claims now are being regulated, and in fact, these claims are being enforced. Over the next year you're going to see a lot of differences in your sunscreens, you'll see something that says rod spectrum, this now means that you're protected equally from UVA and UVB.

In the past, you were only protected from UVB, the burning rays, that's why when you put on your sunscreen and you went out all day and you got tan, you said, oh! my God, I still get tan even though I wear a sunscreen that's because you were only getting protected from the burn, now you really shouldn't get tan or a burn from broad protective sunscreen.

The other changes you'll see, you won't see water proof or sweat proof any more, you'll see water resistant, 40 minutes or 80 minutes. This means you need to reapply every 40 minutes or 80 minutes.