Can a Hysterectomy Hurt My Sex Life?

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A hysterectomy should not lead to sexual problems, if a hysterectomy is performed properly it should not lead to shortening of the vagina, there's been a variety of studies that have shown that if you have a healthy happy sex life before a hysterectomy, you should have a healthy happy sex life after hysterectomy.

But hysterectomy may impact a woman's sexuality however, it's the loss of a part of her that is part of her fertility actually, so a woman's self image may be altered after hysterectomy, but most women if there are, have had a good sexual functioning before and should have good sexual functioning afterwards.

There is no anatomic interuptions of nerves that occur with a hysterectomy, so that women should be assured that if they have a good sex life before hemen showed up towards [xx]