What Is the Future of Pain Management?

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I think looking at that progression between acute pain and chronic pain is the most exciting. There are some developments looking at how pain as process that I think are fascinating. So for example, even if we think about kids learning how to ride a bike, when you start you may make some mistakes you just kind of fall off, you can't really do it as easily.

But as you practice it becomes like second nature, and people can do it very easily without even thinking. Unfortunately that is the same process that goes on in the body in terms of pain processing. So that's one of the things, one of the hallmarks of chronic pain that as people feel the same type of pain whether it's low back pain or arthritis relief pain, the more times they have that same episode of pain or that same sensational pain, the more efficient the body becomes at sending that message so it actually becomes more frequent and more severe, more quickly. So the fact that we know that makes it a little bit easier to figure out what can we do to stop the brain from learning or memorizing how to feel pain, and I think that opens the door to a lot of treatment opportunities.