Why Are Some Doctors Hesitant About Alternative Medicine?

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Generally, when you hear kind of wholesale rejection of alternative medicine what those physicians or professionals are thinking is voodoo. This is just unsubstantiated nonsense, and to be quite honest there's some of that. One of the problems with the domain is not clearly defined is that anybody can say, I practice alternative medicine.

The people working in health food stores wearing lab coats, who have no medical training, but routinely dispense medical advise, one could argue they are alternative medicine practitioners. I've heard some pretty squarely stuff, I heard someone declare themselves to me a nutritional microscopic.

Now, I've written three editions of a nutrition text book. I have no idea what that means and telling me that she look through a microscope and saw white blood cells transforming to bacteria, this is voodoo. This is nonsense. So, I think many of my conventionally minded colleagues say, well it's all nonsense.

But see that's wrong. The problem is, there really is baby in bath water in alternative medicine just as there's in conventional medicine. Interestingly, if you invoke evidence as the key issue. That's 60% of modern conventional medical practice does not rise to the current standard of evidence.

And when we put things to the test, things that we take for granted is being good ideas, different kind of surgery, mammography, all sorts of things. We wind up with some very surprising results at times. It's not so obvious that mammography does not good, maybe does not harm those kinds of things.

So, the difference really isn't evidence, but alternative medicine makes conventional practitioners uneasy because it's different from what they do, it's different from what they learn in medical school or residency. And the idea prevails that there's just isn't evidence to support.

The reality is that there often is evidence, Often that evidence though isn't as mature as conventional medicine like STV, and when evidence does mature, and the results are good, and an example that will be official which is now routine you recommended by conventional cardiologist, for various purposes, while in conventional medicine takes it over.

So, you constantly getting this flow where, we're not starting medicine proves that it does work. Conventional medicine claims that, that's not our trend anymore that belongs to us. The important thing for patients to realize though is the alternative practice has been there first.

They may have been there first by decades and sometimes two, and if you need help today you don't want to wait 20 years to have access to it. So, I practice evidence-based integrated medicine for that very reason, and an open mind is skeptic. I know that there is both good stuff and bad stuff in the world of conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

We have to choose very careful. We have an approach to that in my clinic. And I would encourage every patient to be an open minded skeptic. It's not good for you just because it's natural, rattle snake venom and botulism toxin are natural, right? On the hand, you deserve access to a fuller spectrum of treatment options so that you get the best, most effective, safest remedy for you whatever that happens to be, and if it falls within the rilm of conventional medicine, fine.

If it falls within the world of alternative medicine, also fine, if it's safe, and it's effective, and gets the job done for you that's what matters. So, I would encourage you to find clinicians who are open minded skeptics, and I'd advise you to be one as well.