Do Relaxation Drinks Have Any Drug Interactions?

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Well relaxation drinks have herbals and they also have hormones in them, so you want to be careful there certainly can be some drug interactions. The problem with the relaxation drinks, there's quite a number of them over 300 relaxation drinks currently on the market, in addition to that it hadn't been out that long.

So as more people start to take these relaxation drinks, we're going to start to see effects that we hadn't anticipated so you have to be very careful. If you are on medications that might cause sedation or sleepiness or might create calm, not to mix them together and that would include things like alcohol.

And one of the substances that can be in these drinks cover you also want to be careful if you have liver problems and you want to avoid Tylenol with that particular substance so read the labels, do some homework and if you're not sure reach out to your own doctor and they could certainly hope to give you some advice.

If you're taking sleep aids you want to be careful because the two together can have a combined effect. Now remember these relaxation drinks they're actually when you use them as part of relaxing bedtime routine, they're helping to prepare you for sleep and actually induce sleep.

But they haven't been on the market long enough so we're not really sure what the individual reactions might be. In addition to that, each one of these relaxation drinks, has different ingredients, and they don't often tell you exactly how much of a particular ingredient is in the drink, so you have to be careful.

So you want to make sure that you avoid these drinks, if you are taking a pill that will cause sedation or calming or if you're using a sleeping aid you want to avoid them if you're using alcohol.