Are There All Natural Supplements to Boost Metabolism and Weight Loss?

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There are all the natural supplements to help you speed metabolism and improve weight loss. And I'll tell you, in Canada where I'm from, in Toronto, we have some of the most stringiest guidelines worldwide. What do I mean? Well, the Natural Health Products Directorate is a federal initiative to make sure that what supplement claims are saying are in fact true.

We have to provide safety and efficacy. These are not phase four drug trials, but these things have to be effective. Now, the two that are best studied and actually have claims suitable to weight loss and improve metabolism, EGCG and CLA. Now, EGCG is an extract from green tea. CLA is actually conjugated linoleic acid.

Now conjugated linoleic acid will increase muscle mass. Muscle mass is the only thing in your body that's metabolic. It's going to increase your basal metabolic rate helping you burn more fat. EGCG is not only an anti-oxidant, it's also a fat burner. So my two favorites, EGCG and CLA.