Is Binge Drinking Serious?

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Binge drinking is the great, cope out for so many people who are problem drinkers that is, people who struggle, with controlling their drinking but they tell themselves I'm just doing it, here and there, but a lot, when I do it here and there, and so we minimize the effect or impact it has on our lives.

People who are alcoholic either be a binge drinker or daily drinkers, sometime we create this litness/g test too, in our lives like, I don't drink in the morning so I'm not an alcoholic, or I'm not drinking every night, so I don't have a drinking problem. my litness/g test should be more like this ask yourself is my relationship with alcohol keeping me from the kind of life I want? For me that answer was absolutely.

It was inhibiting my ability to be in relation with other people in positive ways, including jobs, including partners, spouses, families and in that way, if you that's your test, it gives you better answer to the question, do I need to stop moderate, or drink differently?.