What Factors Should I Consider When Having Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

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If you're considering having multiple plastic surgeries and this lengthens the time you're in the operating room, it is very important for you to prevent or lower the risk of blood clots and the way you do that is to walk afterwards, your doctor sometimes will prescribe a mild blood thinners.

Some of these you actually may inject inside yourself at home, so be very cautious when you're combining surgeries when the surgery time is longer than even an hour or two, there is this risk of blood clots which can be very dangerous. So talk to your doctor, ask them about the lesson, make a prudent decision of what is best for yourself.

One big benefit of combining multiple cosmetic procedures all in one setting is you can actually shorten your overall recovery time. So instead of having two procedures spaced a month apart and taking let's say two months off of work you can combine the procedures and take maybe one month off of work.

But you have to compare that however to the potential risk of added complications of a longer anaesthesia, so this is something to definitely talk to your plastic surgeon and maybe also with your internist or your family practice doctor as well.