How Do My Genes Affect Skin Aging?

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Well genes play an important role in skin aging, and you really can't change your genes. I have so many patients who come to see me and they say, I'm turning into my mother, I have my mother's neck, I'm starting to have these leg limbs like her, what can I do to slow this aging process or will I just eventually turn into my mother?

I think there's not a way to change their genes, but there are ways that you can slow the aging process, and I tell people they should follow the ABC. A stands for Vitamin A, or it's derivative, it's retinal or retin A, it's a great topical vitamin that you can put in your skin night lead to help even out fine lines as well as even skin tone.

B stands for vitamin B or you'll see that in products called niacinamide. Vitamin B has an anti inflammatory property. It can help smooth the redness and inflammation in the skin, and C stands for vitamin C, it's a really important antioxide that can also slow the aging process. So just remember your ABCs and it can help kind of turn back time a little bit.