How Can Eating Soy Help Balance My Hormones?

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Soy is a great substance if used in the right quantity and at the right time, so we want to go with that fermented soy if you can miso, tempeh, natto, those are always ideal, about a quarter cup a day, really helps maintain healthy estrogen levels in the body. It's the convenient soy that's full of soy protein isolate that actually make your oestrogen levels higher than they should be and make your hormonal symptoms much worse.

Soy products the convenient ones that containing all that soy protein isolate, these are things that are soy icecreams, soy yoghurt, soy bars, soy milk, all of that but you can read the label to see if it's the soy protein isolate or it's the grinding of the whole soy bean. And they're grinding up the whole soybean and it's actually perfectly fine even though there also still convenient foods.