What Foods Lower Cholesterol?

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When it comes to lowering cholesterol, remember, we actually want to think about optimizing our cholesterol. So that's lowering the bad cholesterol but still keeping that good cholesterol there to protect us, so that means actually making food exchanges. We don't want to ditch all of the fats, we want to exchange, so we can move from higher saturated animal fats like a lot of cheeses and heavy dairy and things like that, over to a lot of our plant-based fats.

Think of things like hemp oil or think of your nuts and seeds, or think of olive oil definitely is going to be a great one. Another area to pay attention to all your sources of your sugar, try to get your sources of sugar from carbohydrates. Think of your whole grains, of your beans, of your fruits, instead of added sugars, and things like high fructose corn syrup, which are going to be a negative for your cholesterol.