Switch to Whole Grains to Prevent Heart Disease

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Hi, I'm Dr. Robin Miller with a smart tip to keep heart disease at bay. Still haven't made the switch to whole grains? They do great things for both heart and your longevity. The bran, this shorty outer layer of cereal grains maybe especially helpful. In a study of women with Type 2 diabetes, those who ate more whole grains, but especially bran lower their risk of dying from heart disease or any other cause.

Of course, women with diabetes aren't the only ones who benefit from eating whole grains and bran. Lots of other studies suggests, they are good for all of us. Healthy or not? What's so great about unrefined grains? Plenty. They have more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than refined grains do, plus whole grains have an abundance of anti-oxidant compounds you won't find on nutrition label. Compounds that may play a role in some of these grains health promoting properties.

Choosing whole grains will help improve you blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar to name just a few benefits. For more great ways to nourish your health watch all our health smarts right here.