Love Sushi and Rice? So Does Your Heart

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a great tip if you're a sushi fan. Next time you belly up to the sushi bar, ask for Haiga Mai or Kinme Mai, those are types of partially milled rice. You'll surprise foodie friends and do your arteries a favor, while both taste similar to Japanese white sushi rice. They retain many of the vitamins and nutrients that processing strips out of white rice. Beneath each grains, brown fibrous covering is a nutrient rich layer called the Sabali around.

It may help battle a type of bad boy protein that can narrow blood vessels which forces your heart to work harder, raises blood pressure, and ages your arteries. Many Japanese have long preferred partially milled rice believing that it's healthier than polished white rice. Looks like they're right. Combine that with another heart healthy Japanese habit, eating about 3-ounces of fish a day, and it's no shocker that death from coronary artery disease is far less common in Japan than in the United States. So skip the temper or shrimp roll, and be a sushi purist, order wild salmon and Haiga Mai. For more ways to nourish your health, watch all our smart tips, right here