Tips to Help Men Prevent Osteoporosis

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soldan, with a health tip for the guys. Osteoporosis isn't just a health concern for women. 12 million men have bones that're getting thinner and more brittle each day. Try these four steps to beef up your bones. Have a beer. That's right. Beer contains silicone, a chemical which stimulates collagen production.

Collage is a protein that makes your bones denser and your joints more flexible. Brews with the most tops in malted barley are the richest in silicon. Order Chinese food, many dishes are full of broccoli, brocato and edamame which means they're bursting with bone strengthening calcium, but go easy on the Soy sauce, salt flushes out calcium, buff up your biceps.

Weight bearing exercises like push ups, hiking and carrying your sweetie's groceries. toughen bones as well as muscle. Enjoy foods rich in zinc, men with osteoporosis are often low in zinc which is used in the bone building process. Zinc rich foods include lean beef, fortified breakfast cereal and beans, if you don't eat these zinc rich foods consider a 15 mg zinc supplement.

Beer and Chinese food, now these are a couple of tips I can really get behind. For more ways to build strong bones, watch all our smart tips right here.