How Kids Can Keep You Young

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Here is a surprising anti aging tip for you go back to school don't go back as a student that is a volunteer. When older adults help down in elementally school classrooms there were pretty of positive results for the kids and even better results for the adults. Many studies have found that staying physically active, socially connected, and mentally stimulated can keep your brain sharp, and one study all those things were put together when women over the age of 60, volunteered in a classroom for 15 hours a week. After six months researchers found that the volunteers brain showed increased activity in the pre-frontal cortex .That's the part of your brain that often declines with age.

These benefits weren't seen in a similar group of women who didn't volunteer, volunteering and being around other people can truly give meaning and purpose to your life. That benefits your mood and your memory, plus being in a room full of kids gets you no choice, but to be physically active. I'm Dr. Miller, for more ways to live younger watch all our smart tips right here.