How Was the Connection Between Down's Syndrome and Alzehimer's Disease Made?

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First of all, I didn't discover the link between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer disease, that was way before my time, wonderful physicians working, and you see yourself in other places in it, and New York had discovered that many, many years ago. Nathan Malamud and any number of other doctors were involved in finding that link, so that wasn't me. I think the aha moment for me was when we were doing studies in a master model of Down Syndrome, and showed that viral moving just one copy of one gene, the extra copy of APP, that there was no more degeneration of this neurons, that are known to die in Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome, that was it for me.

I guess others would have said, of course that was the answer, but I thought, no, with all these different genes it can't be this simple as APP, and it's not. It's not just one gene, but it made a huge difference, enough of a difference, that I said now we've got to go after this. Now we've got to do our best to understand how this happens, to help people with Down Syndrome hopefully to prevent the Alzheimer's disease that occurs in Down Syndrome, and maybe by doing so, will help the rest of the rest of us.