What Do We Have to Change About our Healthcare System?

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Nobody likes to talk about the economic measures that governments have to take, to curate the system, but everyone knows that we have to go for decentralization so that the place of treatment will have to be [xx] home, because our hospitals are full, and the bigger they get, the less efficient they get.

So it's no point making them bigger, and they're not hotels so secondly there's disintermediation so and not only disintermediation of the healthcare industry, but we have an immense lack of doctors, and I'm now talking about the first world. So, I'm not even talking about the third world, the emerging countries.

So combining all this decentralization, big lack of doctors and also a rising cost and a demographic that we are no longer, because after the war, it was great, baby boom, everything grows, grows. You put a production quote or whatever, what if it stops growing? What if it goes negative? What if everyone gets just old? Who's going to be on the cover over magazines? Who is going to be taking care of them all? So, not a lot of people talk about it, but every government in the world is in agreement.

We'll have to do a home diagnostics, we have to move, we have to shift to the place of treatment to the home. We have to do remote care and we have to make the people take care of themselves and empower them with knowledge and tools. And you think that's doable? I think that's doable, yes.