How Far Away Are We from That Vision of Personalized Medicine?

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The way best way I can explain it, is, if you look in the 80s, my first cell phone in the 80s, was this big sewing machine-like thing that was mounted to the floor board of my car. That's the level of medicine we have today. In every couple of years we saw good twist. Version v0 became v1, became v2, by version v7, we had the iPhone.

The same thing will happen, will that happen in five years? Probably not, will it happen in 10? Possibly, will it happen in 15? Very likely, but just because I can't predict the time and I can't, doesn't mean it won't happen. Just because I can't predict how it will happen doesn't mean it won't happen.

Futures are very hard to predict. Just when all the media companies thought cable would become interactive TV, the internet showed up the left. And from left field, it completely revolutionized so many things from education to media to doing research on your healthcare, these same will happen.

We cannot predict the path but because we can't predict it, we can't assume it won't happen.