If I Do Not Have Medical Insurance, What Problems Can I Face?

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We see a lot of patients here at the National Cancer Institute, that have not received adequate treatment outside of this institution because they could not afford it, they did not have health insurance. Now, we don't charge for any care here at the NIH, there are not hospital costs, there are no physician costs, there are no drug costs, it's one of the jewels of the US government.

This institution, the National Institute of Health exists for one purpose only and that is to create tomorrow's medicine, not to practice today's medicine, and so every patient that we bring into the hospital has a problem that can't be cured by today's medicine, and at least in my own personal experience, although this is common knowledge, there are a lot of people in the United States, there are uninsured who cannot get adequate care, who has to decide whether or not they are going to have dinner that night or they are going to buy a medicine that would decrease the blood pressure or help treat their cancer, I think it's one of the great shames that we confront in this country.

The right to be healthy and to seek health, should be a predominant right, what good is the freedom of the press if you are deafly ill, so the fact that we have so many uninsured people in this country is what I referred to as the shame of the health care.