How Do You Separate Good Health Information from Bad Information?

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Everything in the old ethos of communication comes down to trust and that's from the Aristotelian ethos to where we are today, but how you develop that is also the power of brands, I mean Johnson and Johnson knows about the power about trust mark, that people see our name with something, generally speaking, if it's something usually with mother baby as well usually see the name, they will trust the product.

Similarly, we could trust that information. Most of the major news, services do have not I even they'll tell you legal standards all at different places where they want to make sure you're getting it right. But social media doesn't have the same sort of checks and balances, nor the editorial, nor the academic sidee.

So I think there's going to be an opportunity. I happen to be a professor at Columbia in the School of Public Health and at Mailman, we're working quite a bit to develop health communications, not that you necessarily need standards, but you need a level of understanding and academic background to communicate in a way that people will make the appropriate decisions.