How Did You Managed to Get Through Your Darkest Moments with Your Condition?

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I had several Aha! moments. One was being visited in the hospital by a guy my age, skinny tight genes on, who had a bag. I'm looking at it right now. You don't have an [astro] bag. I just came from the beach and I'm going to take a run, Really? Yeah, that was the beginning. I never thought I could play football again.

That was sort of ridiculous, even to consider, but at least I knew I could have a life the other Aha! moments came after reading these books: Gerald [scarfe's] book, [MacCann's] book, the guys that had been through this horrific things. They didn't just endure. They came out [impassioned] about life, ecstatic to do something for others, sort of buoyed by this confidence that they've gained and in what they'd overcome and applying that to things that were important to them.

If you read about those people, many of those people became the leaders in our countries right and CEOs and political leaders that changed our country. That's the blessing that can come out of something that's traumatic as it [xx] but it needs fuel, it needs hope, and at the end of the day great comeback was that, four years ago after having a bunch of different jobs in my life, this is my passion, to create programs that provide that fuel, That connects patients to one another [xx] time and healthcare.

I mean, healthcare has changed and there's sort of this perfect storm brewing where we have technologies, we have sensors, we have the ability to socially, social media wise to connect, we have the internet, we have access to information in a way that we couldn't have imagined and with that comes the ability to connect patients in an incredibly powerful way.