How Is Mobile Technology Changing Health?

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I'm kinda new to mobile health actually my past has always been medical and surgical devices but I see, now that I'm looking at it and I do have one company that's still a little bit of stealth mobile health which am excited about but I look at the feel of mobile health as not dissimilar than taking scientific discovery putting in the medical arena and then just I was trying to think of one then I think lets say radio Madam cury and the X-ray.

Okay here was a discovery in a scientific lab that turned out to have an application in identifying parts of the body that you couldn't see, but it came from somewhere else now mobile health is taking things that have been developed in the telephone, wireless telephone industry, censors the ability to involve the patient as part of the process who should have more interest in their health than their own individual.

And so I think that you can expand that to millions and millions of people by getting them involved and using the wireless technology and satellites to transmit the so called and everything like that, to transmit a lot of data, and may be by transmitting data and recognizing things you get on it and they don't get quite so bad so you can nip them in the bud, thats one example.