Is Someone To Fault for the Problems in Our Healthcare System?

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This is developed through a thousand different decision and millions of different stake holders all kind of doing what they thought they were supposed to be doing, as doctors we were trained to do everything we could be able to do on behalf of our patients. We were paid for each thing that we did, so, every time I saw a patient in the office, every time we did a surgery, we got paid more, so of course the incentives led to more stuff being done.

Our patients, quite logically particularly in American culture, believed that more is better, want more stuff, what the emarah for having a headache and so the insurers are trying to figure out, how do you pay for all these? And they're making profits, so are the pharmaceutical companies but they are adding some value, the question is whether the value they are adding is worth the course.

I don't there's one culprit here, if there were, I think this would be easier, I think that everyone has acted in their own self interest and we didn't recognize that we were building a system that was really unsustainable, and so we have to figure out how to claw back all of these, to deal with all of the individual interests of all the players, and come up with something that is far more rational and works for patients.