Are These Hospitalists the Doctors of the Future?

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While hope it's the doctors of today, but we're not quite there yet. I have a firm belief that the way we think of a great doctor is wrong, whether your view of the great doctor is Dr. House who is a neanderthal and a completely dysfunctional person but brilliant, that doesn't work the brilliant part is nice but if you can't be a team player, if you are intensely advocating for your patients but at the same time pissing everybody off and not at all being a participant, in fact being a frame thrower in your system.

At some point that's sort of romantic and fun and interesting and probably makes a good TV show it does not work, it doesn't lead to what we trying to do which is deliver great care and do it at a cost that doesn't bankrupt our country. And that's a huge scene change we now have to figure out who are the medical students of the future who wants to have jobs like this, this is different than people thought the job they thought they were getting into.

How do we train people in residency? I am Chair of the American Board of Internal Medicine, our job is to create this good health, to keeping seal that says to an internal medicine doctor, you're board satified and that means you're a good doctor, you're competent. In the old days we didn't have to test people, on their communication skills, and their team work skills, on their leadership skills, on whether they knew how to interact with information technology systems, to me we have to test people on all of that stuff, because that defines the good doctor every bit as much as whether you are brilliant and you can make this incredibly obscure diagnosis.

Testing that is harder than the things we tested in the past, so we have to figure out how you normally train people to do all things, but how to asses will they have these [xx].