Is Preventative Medicine Holistic?

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I think first it's not what goes on now in the name of preventive medicine, there's a whole specially preventive medicine but historically, it's mostly dealt with things like sanitation and immunization which is great, but that's not really the meat of prevention, the meat of prevention has to do with lifestyle medicine and in my view what we do in integrated medicine is much closer to that.

I see people who are well who come to me for preventive lifestyle counselling. I can look at their family history, and maybe in the near future, we'll look at their genomes as well, their personal history. We spot areas of risk, we look at the lifestyle choices that they're making and we tell them how to tweak that in a better direction.

There's actually very little of that [xx] mainly because it's not paid for. As much as we talk about prevention, that's not where we put our money and the practical obstacle to making changes here is priorities of reimbursement. What insurance pays for is what procedures for diagnostic tests or giving drugs, it does not pay for a doctor to sit with a patient and talk to them about how to eat or to teach them of breathing exercise, to relax, or give them advice about exercise, that's just not paid for.