What Is the History of Mayo Clinic?

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I think we were lucky, almost a fortunate accident in that William Wall Mayo who is the father and two brothers in Minnesota, actually lived initially in the home of the Jolly Green Giant but moved on to Rochester, Minnesota during the civil war to do a dance for the union soldiers entering the army and then his wife said we'd moved around enough, we're staying here and so he set up shop.

He had two sons, sent them off to medical school, they came back to Rochester Minnesota and the three of them started a clinic together, and they were excellent surgeons, and so they really built their reputation on doing thyroid surgery, and we lived in the godder belt, we used to, because people didn't get iodine and so there was a lot of thyroid surgery at the time people weren't terribly good at doing thyroid surgery, operating on the neck where all these vital structures are, and so they developed a reputation and people came to Rochester and they quickly realized we're great surgeons but we don't understand a lot of those other medical conditions and these people are coming to us with more than one medical condition so they hired other doctors and they formed the first integrated group practicing medicine.

So, really, getting all the doctors, all these independent taking people's mad presumably but to work together around the care of the patient and so from the early 1900s on they build this clinic said you may be the brightest heart doctor, brain doctor in world, but you focus as a patient and you focus to take care.