How Do You Propose Solving the Problem of Obesity?

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We think we've got this great scientific system and we've watched the population get more and more obese and we spent thousand dollars on diet programs and going into the doctor and we're still getting more and more obese, so clearly it's should've whack in the head about 30 years ago but what we're doing is not working and so the medical model, seeing a patient in a room, even in a good setting is not the one that's going to work for obesity for weight loss and we have to figure out a new approach that's going to get people do engage in their own health every day.

And it's the only solution to obesity or lack of exercise or frankly dealing with a frantic society time driven, time pressured society is to get people to say, okay, I am in charge of these things. Most of the decisions that people make about their health, most of the important decisions that people make about their health aren't made in a doctor's office.

So you know the [UNKNOWN] is not there giving instructions of a person when they're deciding what to choose.