How Does UnitedHealth Group Plan to Change Healthcare?

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Knowing that general medicine released a study a few years back and in that study it said that if you have someone in your social network becomes obese, you're 57% more likely to become obese yourself because they are in your social network. What the people around you and in your social network do and how they behave, what they eat, how often they exercise, that impacts you directly and your overall a health of human being.

So we're taking data like that as a health services organization as well as health and benefits organization. We take that data and we're engaging the end consumer in tools like optimize me for example where you can bring your social network again and challenge each other to health and fitness goals.

We find that people are much more likely to achieve their health goal once they have someone in their social network that's holding them accountable for their health goes low. There's not very many people that don't know if they are overweight, but they are much more likely to start losing weight if they have accountability and their social networks to help lose weight.