How Will Health Technology Impact the Nonengaged Consumer?

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The great thing about the digital age and health and in wellness is that even the couch potatoes are using their devices in some way, all the devices will be around and I think the real benefit to the healthcare system maybe, what the outcome impact is on the non-engaged consumer.

I believe that in general well being that there will be devices and things that will say to people, remind people that it's ineffective, it's better to walk the flighted stairs or to help them with food choices through the day or maybe reminders, because, it all gets back to basic stuff.

It's what you eat, are you being active and are you aware of what your family's own health history is? So you get that stuck straight, off you go, now if you have to deal with what is a disease, then there are things about how you manage that, and it's really the non engaged consumers more important because you are fighting.