What Are Your Favorite Dinosaurs?

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I'm Torn. I've got a couple of favorites, Tyrannosaurs racks and the large carnivores dinosaurs have always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. How did the Eco system sustain predators that big? If you look at the Eco system in Africa, and what used to be in the United States across the great plains, you've got some elephants [xx], you've got rhinos, you've got tonnes of different things, and hey, you got some predators, and the predators are smaller than everything else.

And in turns of this there's good reason for that, predators require a lot have other things to eat. Now, T. Rex was actually bigger than most of the prey and most that we think it could've eaten. So, what's up with the Eco system where the predator can be the big guy. That sounds strange because in the ocean, that does exist sometimes.

Whales are that. The whales are either really carnivorous whales and sort of a fear sense like a killer whale is much bigger than the salmon and another fish that it feeds on. Sometimes they feed on even larger whales, but mostly they don't. The very largest whales feed on tiny little crayola.

But, how come we only find that thing working that sort of a dynamic working the ocean versus on land? So, that's one of the great things, but my other favorite dinosaur is Apatosaurus. And that the big deposits at Sauropods leads to the creatures with enormous one, this is one right here actually a model of one.

They have these enormous long necks and these enormous long tails. And people have wondered for more than a 100 years, what on earth were those tails for? And one of my contributions to the field is something that sounds at first to be totally crazy. Maybe it is, but it's the idea that they have those long skinny tails so they could crack them like a whip.

Now, the noise that a whip makes when you crack it's actually a sonic boom. So, this crazy idea suggests that the first creatures from planet earth whose bodies are a portion of their bodies exceeded the speed of sound, wasn't Chukyeager{sp?] flying in that great jet, it was a Perasaues[sp?], and that's just an amazing thing.

Now, how do you prove that? Well, you can never totally prove it. But, I and my co-author built this very interesting circumstantial set of evidence where you look at the bones, and how are the bones structured? When we see injuries in the bones where they are like. Then where else the computer modelings, let's model the tail.

Is it possible to crack it like a rib? In terms the answers absolutely but its not hard at all to criticize simulations where the tip of the tail will move more than twice the speed of the sounds. So, it's a crave if they, one of the referees will never appear of your journal. When you want to publish a paper and appear with your journal, this sign the scientific references, are the scientific reader's, they write these reports.

And the report that came back on my paper, said combination of Audacity and Rationality is exemplary.