Is There a Restaurant in Your Future?

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As a customer there's surely a restaurant in my future, there's an old joke that I sort of adopted to describe my cook book process that I've learned how to make a small fortune in cookbook business, you start the large fortune then you go into the cookbook business and for most folks, the same thing is true for restaurants, so for now we don't have any plans of opening a restaurant.

It's great to be able to cook for people I love restaurants I really respect the whole restaurant experience but with the book we found a way that we can touch more people's life in a different way. If I made a great restaurant, the world would have one more great restaurant, I don't want to seem arrogant about my book, but if you said, how many other books are there, just like it? I think the answer would be zero.

And that's the real difference with the book we sold about 45,000 copies worldwide right now, it's continuing to sell well. I'm hopping that I touch the lives of 1000 and 1000 of chefs. That's more impact I could ever have, than the world having one more good restaurant.