As a Technology Giant, Do You Have to Provide Leadership to an Entire Nation?

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A great idea happens inside one head. Now he may be immediately modified as soon as the first person symptoms to somebody else, and that might be a better idea than the first one but we think individually but we work collectively, and leadership is entirely those two things together in taking a vision for a product and saying now let's all pull together and make this work.

And so inside technology firm you have to have a certain level of trust on your leadership. You have to say okay, we're going to follow Bill Gates, or we're going to follow Larry Page, or we're going to follow Mark Zuckerberg, and we're going to trust all of those thousands of people in the company we're going to set aside our skepticism because we're here to help do a shared mission, and yeah I may believe in my part I may be pretty skeptical about the part you're working on, the part they're working on.

Leadership is so important inside a company, to get a technological divion o come to Floracia. Now, that your incentive company, it's also true it is, it is in all levels for a society. We in society have to trust these varios companies are going to come with stuffs. It is not our position as a society progess in computing didn't come because the government ministry of microprocessors and the ministry of software figured out what was our best interest in dede it forced.

and if they are, I don't think nayone would want it to be blunt. Instead what we do is we rely on branch of a company, they have different visions, sometimes totally confident for your opposing things, sometimes the same vision but cut throat competition in executing lamp. Our system says yeah we're going believe in these leaders, we're going to let them duke it out and see who creates the product we want most and I you know although there are always problems with any system you would work with.

By and large I think that systems work pretty well.