What Is Broken in Our Healthcare System?

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Our patients come to us often instead of going to the doctors asking for things or asking for advice and we always refer them to talk to their doctors because under FDA approval we're not playing a doctor and a lot of patients really don't know the basics about care management for their disease, so a lot of the frustration on the part of patients is because of lack of knowledge, so the more informed the patients or their care givers are, the better they will be able to care of themselves and the better decisions they will make.

Simple facts for diabetes we had this patient where they thought that they can keep their blood sugar low, well in diabetes your blood sugar can and go either too high or too low and it's extremely dangerous for your blood pressure to go too low and you get behind a wheel you're going to be dizzy and if the police finds out they will take away your license by law.

So he learned it in our system because there was a warning about low blood sugar and he'd never thought about low blood sugar he was always thinking about too high of blood sugar so, it's providing the right information at the right time and being able to tell them what their choices are.