What Are Most Health Applications that Gather Patient Data Missing?

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No actually I was shocked that there wasn't anything because I was looking to use somebody's software and there wasn't anything available since then since 2008, there are a lot of new application that provide various elements of this so we have certainly thousands of applications but I also think that there's an element that most of them are missing.

A lot of applications are allowing me to monitor myself, enter data and all that for what purpose? The difference we have is that every data you enter is seen by your doctor. And they can interpret that data and intervene when necessary. So data in itself is useless unless it's being analysed by an expert I to figure out what to do with it.

And a lot of people started for example Google health Microsoft health world, wonderful tools but they're passive you entered a data and it sits there, nobody is doing anything about it, our data gets to analyze it by our system and it creates alerts for doctors so that they can act.

Doctors don't want more information they want actionable items and that's what we provide.