Diagnostic Software: Helping Patients Better Understand Their Condition

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Wolahu[sp?] is a chronic disease management software. It's an Application to best of my knowledge is only FDA approved doctor prescribed that, that when someone gets diagnosed with the new chronic condition, old age cancer or diabetes or heart failure, they get prescribed this Application.

Like everybody else, when we were our first told that she has cancer, we went to doctor Google, and that's a very frustrating education because you will get one million hits, and then as uneducated, medically uneducated person you're trying to figure out one stage cancer versus stage two cancer what does it mean if I have lymphnode[sp?] clear and so and so forth.

And you get very contradictory information which is not personalized for your condition. One thing, I knew to my experience is that there is a lot of good content you just have to search and find it, and that's the frustrating part. So, we take that frustration out by curating what's already out there.

A lot of patients really don't know the basics of about care management for their disease. So, a lot of the frustrations and part of patients is because of luck of knowledge so the more informed the patient or there care givers are. The better they will be able to take care of themselves, and the better decisions they'll make.

There are tools that are really good tools but they are not broad base application for older chronic condition. For example, there is a tool called Well Dock which is very good tool for diabetes management. But they don't have diagnostic tools and they don't have all the elements.

Our tool is the only one I know over the Cl that applies to all the chronic conditions. Patients need to update their status on a daily basis in our system. And we as tempting this one minute a day to update their health status. Our tool is not for everybody. Only engaged patients can benefit from it, and the more we can help more people be engaged abut their health, the better it's going to be.