Why Is There a Lack of Transparency in Healthcare?

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It's a combination of things. First of all, it's kind of a professional tradition. If you have a lawyer or an accountant, I challenge you to figure out who is the best lawyer in town. So, if part of the traditional professions is a kind of opaqueness, a kind of esoteric information that mere models can understand, part of it is only now with the advent of digital record do we actually have the information that will allow us to make those determinations and how are we developing systems to know what quality is.

So, we're really in many ways at the dawn of this effort to deconstruct medicine, to understand what is a good hips operation versus a bad hip operation, and be able to tell you, hospital A gets it right 95% of the time, hospital bill only gets it right 72% of the time. So, it's a combination of attitudinal change, the availability of our scientific systems of measuring quality and the availability of the data to do so.

All of those are now coming together, so in many ways we're just at the beginning of.