What Is Wireless Health?

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For me wireless health means, utilizing wireless technology to improve healthcare communication and outcomes. So when I say, wireless health, if I want to tell a patient something and I wanted to communicate things to patients all the time and they want to communicate things to me.

Why can't that be enabled through wireless communication, whether it's mobile, whether its a social network, whether it's me checking on a group of patients with my conditions or one, leveraging my expertise across the world across populations. You think about a way of so many experts people like you know, me who finished training when they were in their 30s this, who then have 20 years of expertise.

Why does someone have to seek me out in Los Angeles or read a paper I wrote or hear a talk I gave. To access me I'd like to be able to take all that time I've spent and leverage my expertise across populations, that's what doctors learn to do with each others knowledge. You saw me in the hall earlier talking to a heart surgeon, I got a lot of information out of him and learning out of him in that conversation, we need to have hundreds of thousands of those daily between experts wirelessly and we would have a pretty enriched, more advanced health care system and communication systems than we have now.