What Is the Center for Connected Health?

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The center is an organization within partners out here the delivery system in Boston and we're privileged to be an innovative organization within progress, we think of ourselves as an internal disruptor, we focused on the area connected health which for us means a continuous delivery of care into your life without the need to visit the professional very often certainly much less frequently than we do today, and we use tools like self monitoring tools, online messaging, virtual business to achieve that vision, we think up some new products along the way, we spun companies out, we license staff technologies and hopefully, some of those new ideas end up within the fabric of our own delivery system.

We'd like to stay five to seven years ahead of where our parent company is thinking. And the other thing we do is we work with industry to validate technologies, to bring some help, companies bring some of their technologies to market as well so we really have those two streams of work all designed to further this vision that you really shouldn't have to necessarily see a health care provider to get care done in this day and age.